Huntly forward David Booth collected the top scorer trophy for the second time in four seasons and he admitted it was a lower goals tally for him and the team even after he missed two months of the season through injury.


“It was a bit less of a total this season; I got eleven which was short of last season’s tally of thirteen. Ian Cruickshank ran me close on eight goals and apart from that I don’t think anyone else scored very many goals and it sums up our season especially when the next highest scorer, Callum Dunbar left the club in January. It was disappointing for me to miss two months of the season tearing my ankle ligaments just after getting run of goals which at the time saw me score four in four games prior to that. I missed a lot more games than I wanted to then as there were a lot of midweek games on the go so you never know I could’ve got some more goals if I wasn’t injured for that time.”


Despite picking up the award for his own personal efforts, the 28 year old felt it was more about the team’s performances over the course of 2014/15.


“It’s not about who scores the goals, this season we were really poor from start to finish and on the whole it was a disappointing and I’m glad for it to be over to be honest.”


Booth who is in his fourth spell at Christie Park feels that building a regular partnership up front could benefit himself and the team next season.


“I never seemed to be playing with the same person week in week out, Neale Davidson seemed to be the only person I played with up front more than two games in a row and he’s not an out and out forward so it’d be good to get someone else in next season. The time I spent playing up top with Neale was good for the two of us, he picked up another award and he’s been one of the top players at this club over the past few seasons and we just hope he can recover from his bad injury as it was a bad one for the club to take as he’s such a key player for us. We’ll have to see who Gregg brings in for next season, I can also play in midfield and started off the season there for the first eight or so games in wide positions but I don’t care where I’m playing as long as I’m in the starting eleven”


David is currently sitting on 49 goals and when looking at the ones he scored this season, one stood out.


“Probably the second goal against Wick Academy in the Scottish Cup, although it was a penalty it was a big goal in terms of the context of the season and it got us into the second round and got the club a bit of money when you advance in the national competition. It was so late on in the game with a minute to go and it either wins us the game or puts us up to Wick for a replay and nobody wants to make that trip.”

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