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This past Monday, my Assistant Manager Steven Dolan was appointed the new Deveronvale manager. People tell me I should shut up sometimes and I actually said to Steve when the job became available “why don’t you go for it?” and after I said it I kind of thought I shouldn’t have.

Joking aside, He was one of my players and did me proud over the ten years I was at Deveronvale. He never put a foot wrong and I think he deserves that chance, he’s a good coach and will make a fantastic manager but what he needs is a good board round about him and I hope he gets the backing Vale because he deserves that.

He goes with my best wishes and he knows he can pick up the phone at any time because he’s a fantastic guy.

When I took the job at Huntly I needed someone that I could work with that would have a good influence on the team and that was the whole idea of getting Steve.

He’d been out of coaching after what happened at Deveronvale previously and he’d begun playing again at Dyce. Players liked him, his coaching methods were good, his attitude towards the game and towards other players is fantastic and it certainly won’t be his fault if Deveronvale don’t go anywhere because he’ll work his backside off and he deserves everything the game offers him.

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