Week 30 Winners

The draw for week 30 was drawn in front of Gordon Carter

The winners were:


  • £150 to Keith Petrie, Huntly with number 203
  • £50 to Graham Parkin, Huntly with number 106
  • £50 to Anna Law, Huntly with number 119
  • £50 to Kathleen Duffton, Drumblade with number 44

Week 31 Winners

The draw for Week 31 was drawn in front of Fred Watt

The winners were:

  • £150 to Jean Alexander, Huntly with number 292
  • £50 to Michael Lockhart, Newtonhill with number 45
  • £50 to Jim Taylor, Ellon with number 332
  • £50 to Ian McLeod, Huntly with number 46

Congratulations to all of the above and thanks again for all the support of all those taking part.

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