Another constructive board meeting last night, held in the environs of rural Gartly

We discussed a broad range of topics, covering ground improvements, commercial sponsorship, new signings, pre season planning, and volunteer recruitment.

Here are a few snippets;

Dave McGinlay gave a detailed update regarding squad recruitment.Five players have been 'signed up' with one more deal close to completion.Discussions continuing with a few other potential players.The squad will have quite a young and hungry look to it,and we all backed the policy given our current position.The 'budget' still has scope to bring in established experience if necessary.

On the commercial front, good progress is being made on many fronts.At least 4 major sponsors have now been tied up, and we are getting close to a few other potential partnerships.A lot of hard work is beginning to pay off.Announcements to be made in due course.

The Elliot Group have agreed in principle to provide us with a unit to create an additional sponsors lounge, which will be larger than the existing facility and will greatly increase our capacity, and therefore revenue opportunities.

Safelift will also be donating 2 x twenty foot containers to store all of our ground machinery and equipment.This will be located in the far corner of the swimming pool end by the Howling shed.
This will enable the beat up old shed housing the mower to be knocked down.We are also talking to Safelift about replacing the toilet block on a sponsorship basis.
The great guys from Safelift will also donate a fleet of black and gold wheelie bins to replace the blue rubbish bins at the ground.

The team coach contract for 2011/12 was discussed at length.

We discussed the need to get more volunteers to help with the running of the club.Recruitment campaign to be stepped up.

We agreed the need to continue the constant programme of fundraising events.This will be crucial in terms of getting the club back onto a stronger footing.
A sportsman's dinner event at Huntly will take place on August 19th at the Stewarts Hall.This will feature Neil Cooper and comedian Joe Cammy.Advertising campaign to start after the Hawaii night has finished.

We plan to hold a' legends' day at a home match this season when members of the 5 in a row teams will be invited to join us for a special event day.

Pre season training will start on Tuesday 21st June at Huntly, then on the 23rd in Aberdeen, and a double training session at Huntly on Saturday 25th.No further progress yet on pre-season friendlies.Discussions continuing.

Hospitality package details to be posted on the website in the next few days.Supporters to have equal priority with corporate sponsors.Booking system will be on a first come, first serve basis.A 50% deposit will be required to secure the booking.

There were a mountain of other topics discussed but I hope that give a flavour of the meeting


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I'm really pleased to confirm that Davie Henderson has agreed to join the committee, and will meet with existing committee and directors at our next meeting.

Davie will take on the role of marketing the Gold League and increasing the current membership.This is a really important part of our efforts to increase the club's revenue.…

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Dave McGinlay gave a detailed update of approaches made to several players to join the club.
Early days, but encouraging signs.Top junior players and under 21's released from League clubs will be the main recruitment ground for the club.A couple of major signings have reached advanced discussions, and will need to be supported by corporate sponsorship.The latter is progressing well with at least two or three companies interested.
Neil Davidson deal all done, and also other key deal done which will be announced shortly.

Pre-season fixtures being organised.Caley Thistle U19 and Culter agreed in principle.Approaches made to Aberdeen, Peterhead, Elgin etc.More news as they are agreed.
Pre-season training dates to be agreed next week.

New strip designs discussed.Home strip approved.Away strip decision between all white option and Inter Milan style blue and black stripes.Potential away strip sponsor being consulted prior to final decision.Order to be placed next week.Supporters order to be included.Supplier flexible on different sizes.Details to go on website ASAP.

Locos have requested to change the seasonal fixtures to Friday Night ie December 23rd (home)and December 30th (away).No objections to this in principle.

Maintenance weekend, to involve volunteers was discussed.Details to be published shortly.
Recruitment of volunteers and committee members to be advertised locally in due course.

And of course a great deal of time was spent discussing club finances, and budgets.


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A marathon Board Meeting last night, lasting 4 hours till 11.30 pm

We held the meeting at the Intermoor offices in Aberdeen, and Dave McGinlay attended.
Dave will continue to be fully involved in Board Meetings for the forseeable future.
This is part of the new culture of working closely with the management team, and running the club on a united front.Great team spirit throughout the meeting.

This is the first of two posts.We will start with the club organisation side of things.
The second post (later today) will then cover more interesting bits on the playing side etc !

We agreed a new board structure, reflecting the need to run the club on proper business principles, with defined responsibility for each Director.This will also ensure a proper allocation of workload !
Chairman- Johnny Smith
Company Secretary- Andrew Stokes
Commercial Director - Sandy Sammon
Operations Director- Willie Morrison
Finance Director - Currently Vacant
Non Executive Directors - Up to 3 positions to be filled

These positions will work with specific roles within the Committee which will also be defined in the coming weeks.For instance the Company Secretary role will work with the Club Secretary (Alix Turner), and the Football Secretary (Gordon Greig) to ensure all areas of administration are covered effectively.

The Operations Director will have responsibility for the the ground infrastructure and maintenance, playing surfaces, ground staff, Health and Safety, match day logistics etc.

The Commercial Director will have responsibility for commercial income and sponsorship, fundraising events, corporate hospitality,supplier negotiations etc.

The Finance Director role is pretty much self explanatory, and will work closely with the Treasurer (Shona Newlands).There will be a real emphasis going forward on developing good reporting against financial budgets which are being developed.At the moment this role is being covered by the Company Secretary and Chairman.

The Non Executive roles relate to independent advisors with a strong football and or business background.Possible candidates for these roles were discussed, and this will be followed up in the coming weeks.

We then agreed that in future meetings we will develop a more detailed constitution, and procedures (eg dismissing/ appointing managers , directors etc).There were a few light hearted comments made from McGin on this topic (!) but everyone agreed this is the right point to get the mechanics of running the club onto a professional footing.

Right, I hope that was not too long winded.The next post should be more interesting !

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Following a number of changes on and off the park during 2010/11, Huntly Football Club held their second Fans Forum of the season this past Sunday.

Chairman John Smith welcomed everyone and thanked them for their attendance before handing over to committee member Andrew Stokes who read the a prepared statement.…

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