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Rothie Rovers vs Huntly
0 3

More Information

Match Date: Tuesday, 18 July 2017
Match Time: 19:30 h
Referee: Allan Leslie (Referee)

Starting line up

  • Barry Mitchell Barry Mitchell  
  •  John Farquhar  John Farquhar
Right Back
  • Scott Chalmers Scott Chalmers  
  •  David Donald  David Donald
  • Steven Singer Steven Singer  
  • Mark Thomson Mark Thomson  
  •  Clark Robertson  Clark Robertson
  •  Cory Ritchie  Cory Ritchie
Left Back
  • Ash Vasey Ash Vasey  
  •  Blair Johnston  Blair Johnston
Right Wing
  • Mykie Pugh Mykie Pugh  
  • Richard Smart Richard Smart  
  • Craig Smith Craig Smith  
  •  Ronan Masson  Ronan Masson
  •  Dennis Wyness  Dennis Wyness
  •  Ross Still  Ross Still
Left Wing
  • Jamie Millar Jamie Millar  
Attacking Midfield
  •  Gary McGowan  Gary McGowan
  • Richard Fisher Richard Fisher  
  • Jake Stewart Jake Stewart  
  •  Martin Charlesworth  Martin Charlesworth
  •  Michael Ewen  Michael Ewen



  • 45:01. Minute
    Went out Jake Stewart (Forward)
    Came in Keith Walker (Forward)

  • 45:01. Minute
    Went out Richard Fisher (Forward)
    Came in Alan Findlater (Forward)

  • 54:47. Minute
    Went out Mykie Pugh (Right Wing)
    Came in Andi Bremner (Right Wing)

  • 60:34. Minute
    Went out Jamie Millar (Left Back)
    Came in Gavin Smart (Left Wing)

  • 60:37. Minute
    Went out Barry Mitchell (Goalkeeper)
    Came in Lewis Milne (Goalkeeper)

  • 60:37. Minute
    Went out Craig Smith (Midfield)
    Came in Jack Brown (Midfield)

  • 75:08. Minute
    Went out Ash Vasey (Left Back)
    Came in Jamie Millar (Left Back)

  • 75:05. Minute
    Went out Mark Thomson (Defender)
    Came in Grant Ritchie (Defender)

  • 79:16. Minute
    Went out Richard Smart (Midfield)
    Came in Jake Stewart (Forward)

  • 45:01. Minute
    Went out Blair Johnston (Left Back)
    Came in Christopher Hay (Left Back)

  • 45:01. Minute
    Went out Ronan Masson (Midfield)
    Came in Calvin Roddie (Right Wing)

  • 45:01. Minute
    Went out Dennis Wyness (Midfield)
    Came in Tom Andrews (Midfield)

  • 55:31. Minute
    Went out Gary McGowan (Attacking Midfield)
    Came in Reece McKeown (Midfield)

  • 68:23. Minute
    Went out Cory Ritchie (Defender)
    Came in Ben Leslie (Right Back)


Substitution min 45:01 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Keith Walker <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Jake Stewart Substitution min 45:01 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Alan Findlater <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Richard Fisher Substitution min 54:47 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Andi Bremner <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Mykie Pugh Substitution min 60:34 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Gavin Smart <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Jamie Millar Substitution min 60:37 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Lewis Milne <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Barry Mitchell Substitution min 60:37 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Jack Brown <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Craig Smith Substitution min 75:08 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Jamie Millar <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Ash Vasey Substitution min 75:05 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Grant Ritchie <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Mark Thomson Substitution min 79:16 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Jake Stewart <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Richard Smart
Substitution min 45:01 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Christopher Hay <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Blair Johnston Substitution min 45:01 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Calvin Roddie <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Ronan Masson Substitution min 45:01 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Tom Andrews <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Dennis Wyness Substitution min 55:31 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Reece McKeown <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Gary McGowan Substitution min 68:23 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Ben Leslie <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Cory Ritchie Goal Min. 81:01 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/turriffunited/MichaelEwen.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Michael Ewen Goal Min. 68:00 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/huntly/martincharlesworth.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Martin Charlesworth Goal Min. 21:58 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/huntly/martincharlesworth.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Martin Charlesworth Penalty Miss Min. 62:44 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/huntly/martincharlesworth.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Martin Charlesworth


81:01' Michael Ewen (Huntly)
68:00' Martin Charlesworth (Huntly)
21:58' Martin Charlesworth (Huntly)
images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/pen_missed.pngPenalty Miss
62:44' Martin Charlesworth (Huntly)


Huntly’s new strike force of Martin Charlesworth and Michael Ewen were on target tonight to give the black and gold’s a three-nil friendly win away to amateur side Rothie Rovers.

Co-Managers Andy Roddie and Tommy Wilson made changes from the side which beat Culter at the weekend with David Donald, Michael Ewen and Dennis Wyness coming into the starting eleven.

The deadlock was broken in the 21st minute when a Michael Ewen header was parried by home goalkeeper Barry Mitchell but Martin Charlesworth was in a good position to prod home the rebound.

The visitors were awarded a penalty midway through the half when Charlesworth was taken down. There were claims from the home side the challenge was outside the area however the former Lossiemouth passed up a great chance from the spot kick firing high and wide.

Martin Charlesworth did make amends for his penalty miss six minutes later. Substitute Reece McKeown got past his marker to send a low pass across the box for Charlesworth to net from close range.

McKeown turned provider again with nine minutes remaining making a run in behind before cutting back for Michael Ewen to tap in.

Match Statistics
0 Goals Scored 3
1st half 1
  2nd half 2
Shots on target
Shots off target
1 Shots Blocked 10
6 Shots 32
Corner Kicks
5 Fouls Committed 8
Caught Offside
  Free Kick Goals
Free Kicks On Target
Free Kicks Off Target
Free Kicks Blocked 1
0 Free Kick Shots 1
Penalties On Target
  Penalties Off Target 1
0 Penalty Kicks 1
9 Substitutions 5
  Yellow Cards
Red Cards
0 Total Cards 0

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